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Trinity Cathedral, Toplovsky Monastery, Crimea, Ukraine

Project type

Cathedral, domes, complex roof, copper, gilding of domes and crosses




Topolevka, Crimea, Ukraine

The Toplovsky Trinity-Paraskevievsky Monastery belongs to the Simferopol Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, located in the village of Topolevka, located on the Feodosia highway in Crimea.

In 2010 was started the restoration of the temple (was destroyed in 1923). For the installation of a copper roof and gilded domes was chosen the contractor who already has extensive experience in this type of work – Metalroof LTD. The abbess of the monastery was very scrupulous in choosing not only the contractor but also the roofing material. Copper with a thickness of 0.8 mm will last over 100 years.

Our specialists have performed work on the wooden construction, the finishing of the roof with copper. There were made the metal frames of the domes, cladding with copper, gilding and subsequent installation. In addition, our company has performed work on the production, gilding and installation of crosses.

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